Who is Shanita Hubbard?

Shanita Hubbard is a student of motherhood, a passionate social justice advocate, writer and speaker. Her passion for social justice stems from a personal understanding of how families of color are disproportionally impacted by mass incarceration. This passion has been translated into action in the form of a justice centered career and education. After receiving a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University, Shanita created a diverse career reflective of her life passions. From working as a therapist for youth on probation, operating job readiness programs for formally incarcerated adults, directing youth alternative-to-incarceration programs, grant writing, and now a Criminal Justice Professor, Journalist and Speaker, Shanita continues to find creative ways to combat social injustice. Her creativity is also displayed via writing. Her writing is featured in the collector’s edition of #BlackTravel: The Anthology,   ESSENCE,  Fusion,  The Root, EBONY Magazine, Griots Republic, Abernathy Magazine, and a host of other publications.